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At age 65 Dr. Climo left a successful practice to become a "locum tenens," a doctor who temporarily holds a vacancy until a permanent doctor can be found.  This kind of itinerant practice, for all intents and purposes, flies under the radar of professional career tracks with the doctor functioning as a moveable patch in our leaky healthcare system. 

The locum doctor has not only a unique perspective on different healthcare systems in the country but also the opportunity to make singular contributions by virtue of being “outside the box” wherever he or she goes.  There is no literature  on this uncommon experience.  Dr. Climo’s book is the only book about locum tenens psychiatry and the only book by a locum psychiatrist.

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"The book serves as an outstanding example of the power of narrative analysis in the process of health and healing."

Tomas L. Griebling,

The Landon Center for Aging  ​

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